10 Temmuz 2010 Cumartesi

Celta goes on...I'm through the second week :)

Well here I am!! I wrote the first two days and I stopped. I don't have time!!!!! The course is so
intensive. It really is. The days are the same. Around 7.30 I come home, I eat something with my husband and I start studying and it goes on until one o'clock. I am so tired but I am really happy and and soooo satisfied. I had the "pass" with my first assignment and I don't need to resubmit.This is really uplifting for me since I am not a native speaker of English. On Monday in with the 2nd assignment and we shall start thinking about the 3rd one.In the meantime I keep on teaching. I had my 5th teaching practice last Thursday. I still forget things but we all learn from our mistakes.After our lesson there is feedback from tutors and other trainees. It is so helpful. The trainee group is really nice. We are all friends now. We are on the same ship. I feel that we will always be in touch in the future.
For two weeks we had a group of pre intermediate students. This Monday the group is changing to advanced level!! And I will be teaching! I will have a language lesson through a text which talks about a burglar cat in England who steals womens' underwear... I feel and hope that it will be a nice first lesson with this new group. There were only ladies aged between 45-65 in the other group. In this group there will be some men.We need some change.
I am learning so many things. I am learning to analyse English as well as teaching it. I've always loved this language.Now I love it more than ever....
On Monday I'll take a photo of our group during teaching practice so that I can publish it here.
I'll try to write again. I don't know when but I will definitely...

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