29 Haziran 2010 Salı

Celta Course,the 2nd day

Another day has passed. It was so intense. We had phonetics lesson and we did language analysis.I taught my first 20' lesson.It went fine.I did a mistake . I didn't check my instructions so the lesson plan didn't work in a perfect way and I had to chat with the students to be able to complete the lesson. This is a normal mistake for the first time. My tutor found my approach warm in class.
I don't think I can write a long post everyday... We have so much to do.They've already given us the first two written assigments and suggested that we should start working on them.
I came home at 19.15 and I had a quick supper and started preparing my second lesson for tomorrow.It will be a 40' lesson and I hope not to make mistakes this time. I am sure that I will remember to check my instructions this time..
We have a class of twelve women. They are between 40 and 60 years old.They come to Ih Milan to learn English and accept us trainees as teachers since they don't pay for the course. They were all very nice to us "inexpert teachers".
So far the experience is really satisfying..
I had to go now. I have to study some other things before going to bed.

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stria dedi ki...

Caspita, così ho capito...quasi tutto! Mi propongo come alunna.
Vado a leggere l'altro post...
Ciao teacher!

carriemel dedi ki...

hi there!! I'll try to write english and turkish in the future.I promise. If you can understand all it means that you have a good level of English..

lo sai come si fa avere quelli blog che c'e scritto in alto lingua e tipo si puo cambiare da turco all'inglese o dall'inglese al turco.?? c'e una sistema per farlo
baci baci

stria dedi ki...

Inglese scolastico ma se leggo mi concentro e qualcosa capisco.
Nella barra degli strumenti di Google ho cliccato su traduci. E' da lì che ho visto che la mia traduzione non era niente male!
Ciao, un bacione